(ˈhɛlˌkæt) n. a violent,
fierce-tempered woman.

hi i'm paige!!!

i'm an artist, fashion enthuiast, professional cat girl, and a whole lot of other things. this is my personal blog. check the about me over there for more deetz.

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i’ve got a sponsored review coming soon from blippo for this cute little bento charm and this sugar packet/candy ring~ this will actually be my first time doing a sponsored review, and i’m pretty dang excited to recieve my package. blippo’s got a lot of cute stuff like japanese sweets, magazines, cute jewelry and all sorts of accessories, all with free shipping.

also i’d like you all to know that no matter what happens i’ll always be fair in these reviews, sponsored or not. if someone sends me crap, i’m gonna be vocal about that shit. 

i’m hoping to get some plushies, a purse, and some cute house stuff from there for myself in the future—like i really want one of their funny day brand bento boxes and also one of their cute coffee mugs just yeeeeah :3c

here in a second i’ll post some of the cute things i want from there in a photoset to kind of show you guys what kind of stuff they sell and what made me interested in reviewing their shop. 

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