(ˈhɛlˌkæt) n. a violent,
fierce-tempered woman.

hi i'm paige!!!

i'm an artist, fashion enthuiast, professional cat girl, and a whole lot of other things. this is my personal blog. check the about me over there for more deetz.

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pejntboks replied to your post: too sad for anything but video games :(

videogames, good food and self care it is then! also I think you’re hella cute, if compliments help

i’m trying to decide whether to go out or to cook in—it probably makes more sense to stay in but i feel like if i went out i would be less stressed out about it? idk it’s hard to just kind of consign myself to having days like this, especially whenever it’s a few days in a row. there’s so much stuff i wanna do and lazing around in bed is really not even on that list, haha. 

also thank you, you’re sweet /w\ 

pessimystic reblogged your post too sad for anything but video games :( and added:

me too…

ahhh i’m sorry you’re in the same boat!

too sad for anything but video games :(


i was feeling sick and had to cocoon for a while and then i finally got energy back and emerged v bright eyed and bushy tailed only to find out that gaston is having trouble dl’ing destiny and is understandably frustrated about it and haley is out frolicking and having ganja adventures with a philosopher

and now i just don’t know what to do with my darn self and my most exciting idea so far was eating a pudding cup!!!!! 

just fashion blogging and getting nosebleeds like 10x a day ya know, the usual

you should see the other guy


paiganism tagged me for the half year selfy thingy so there ya go

that purple selfie is so hot 

friend so hot, hot hot friend

got tagged to do the 6 selfies of the half year thingie by the ever lovely tjasa (who you should definitely follow if you haven’t yet)

i’ve got a lot from really recently because my pink hair makes me feel really good about myself OKAY? 

i’m gonna tag haley, bonny, and ocean to do the same, if you guys want!