(ˈhɛlˌkæt) n. a violent,
fierce-tempered woman.

hi i'm paige!!!

i'm an artist, fashion enthuiast, professional cat girl, and a whole lot of other things. this is my personal blog. check the about me over there for more deetz.

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evidence of time travel

shh. karborn



im sorry if this sounds weird but i just want to say thank you for being a fashion inspiration to me. before i followed your shopping blog i dressed in graphic tees, jeans and worn out sneakers but as i went through the blog i was like "okay i need to make a change asap" and while i dont buy stuff offline a lot i try to look for clothes similar to what I've seen and now i wear leggings and boots and sweaters a lot sooo yeah sorry if this was kinda random

this isn’t weird at all! thank you for sending me this message! it feels awesome that i’m able to inspire people to get into fashion—i really see it as a way to feel more comfortable with yourself and another way to express your personality so being able to get people more confident in expressing themselves that way is great and i hope it’s done that for you as well! 

good luck in continuing your magical fashion transformation and thank you so much for taking the time to send me this, it really helps to keep me going :3

too much left to do…..

shitty photos bc i still cant figure out a good photo set up in this room but!!! harley quinn outfit today with my new harley leggings!

i actually planned my outfit for the first time in forever so i’m gonna try and take outfit pictures tomorrow /w\;;; hopefully that’s not an empty promise 

Please can you give me the name i want to see if i can get myself some

i’m not sure what you mean by the name further than what i said (i said the store name as well as both the names of the scents!) but i did find a link to the items online if that helps:

bath and bodyworks wallflower plug

sweet cinammon pumpkin

pumpkin cupcake

hi!! the giveaway items arrived today and i thought i should let you know!! everything looks fabulous thank you so much!!!!!

oh that’s awesome!!!!!!! good to hear! :D hope you don’t mind me publishing this, i just want everyone knowing that it got there safe and sound! 

mom sent me a package that i just assumed was full of medicine so i didn’t open it bc i wasn’t really out of anything yet and it turned out to be those rad bath and bodyworks wall scent thingies in pumpkin cupcake and cinammon pumpkin so hot damn thank you mom

i feel like i need to completely start over on my illustration just because it feels like a dead end and also i’m hurting and weak all over and just wanna sleep: a bad combination