(ˈhɛlˌkæt) n. a violent,
fierce-tempered woman.

hi i'm paige!!!

i'm an artist, fashion enthuiast, professional cat girl, and a whole lot of other things. this is my personal blog. check the about me over there for more deetz.

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allowing yourself to be proud, love yourself, and be selfish for the sake of self preservation 2k14

if you looked at my instagram and assumed i only cared about cats, food, art, and myself, you’d be pretty much right

im so happy and im so ugly and im so happy and im so ugly, yeaaah~

sometimes im like ugh that game looks so boring but i also legitimately watch professional league so….my opinion is p meaningless

shes beauty shes grace shes miss pillow queen germaine

im gonna have to just stop talking about my health issues on here i think because i feel like theyre not taken seriously or trivialized as a joke. just like fucking real life :’)

haleys cats are the sweetest lil princesses and im really lucky that they love me as much as they do because they always brighten up my day :3

aaah please dont reblog my sick tag posts???? i just said this yesterday :(

i was gonna clean my room but now germaine is too cute. shes asleep on my head!!!!!! i cant move thatd be the rudest shit ever!!!!